Medical Billing Specialists

Billing Expertise

  • We have a fully trained and experience team of billers who are equipped with complete knowledge of latest healthcare updates.
  • Our billers look after the complete billing process with precision and accuracy that leads the claims to get paid ultimately.
  • Our billers can work on multiple specialties like Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Pediatric Care, General and Vascular Surgery, Psychiatry, Nephrology, Pulmonary Disease etc.
  • We can work for different states from coast to coast having complete knowledge of rules of every state.

High Clean Claim Rate

  • We are responsible to process clean and error free claims for our clients and our clean claim ratio approaches from 95% to 98% which is higher than any competitor in this industry.
  • We not only claim it but have the testimonials to prove that.
  • We have all the credentials to maintain this ratio for each of our client.

Reporting and Analysis

  • We have a complete package of all BI reports for our clients which covers every aspect of the business.
  • Reports like Collections, Claims submission, Insurance/Patient Payments, Insurance/Patient AR, Denied claims and User Productivity are efficiently embedded in our system.
  • To monitor the quality of work, we also provide quality assurance report of each user.
  • Based on above reports, our clients can easily see their money drain and status of their practice.

Less Denials

  • We have a very low ratio of claims denied by billing errors and discrepancies which makes us unique in the market.
  • Our team drills down deep of each claim and investigates every aspect so that the root cause can be identified.
  • We believe in processing error free claims so it minimizes any chance of claims being denied by the insurance.
  • Less denials complement the clean claim rate that we assure to our clients.

Transparency and Audits

  • Every entry and transaction is being logged in the system which is easy to track as well.
  • We make sure that every claim and payment is being audited for any erroneous entry prior to submission and posting.
  • Our system has a top notch scrubber embedded in it which alerts and refrains a user to submit any claim with errors.
  • Our system is linked with a top rated clearing house of the US healthcare industry which allows us to see the real time tracking of the claims.

Less Human Effort

  • We have a smart template based module of charge entry and auto posting module which require less human effort to process a claim and post a payment.
  • We have auto crosswalks in our system which automatically performs functions like write offs and patient responsibility.
  • We have an updated CPT/HCPCS and ICD-10, ICD-9 lookup which gives an appropriate and detailed description of the diagnosis.
  • Our system provides a user friendly and error free reconciliation report through which you can check and match every transaction.

Minimum write offs and Adjustments

  • Our client’s each penny is important for us so we try to take the claim to its logical end which is to get paid from the insurance company.
  • We always refrain doing write offs and adjustments which not only shows that we work the claim to its very end but it also increase the revenue for the provider.
  • We can save up to 20% of our client’s money by working on these adjustments and converting these write offs and adjustments into payments from insurance carriers.