Adnare Pvt. Ltd. Is a Lahore, Pakistan based IT Solutions Company. It is one of the leading IT venture companies in Software and Mobile App Development, Web Solutions, IT Consultancy and Internet Marketing. It is dealing with a vast variety of Industries and organizations in different domains of IT. Adnare has the most competent and experienced professionals with strong IT Background and versatile skills in software development and web solutions. Committed resources, dedication, quality processes and discipline are Adnare’s core strengths.

Adnare was established in 1994. The Vision of company was thrived with the time and steadily company came into action. With the dedicated team efforts and quality of work Adnare started its journey on the path of success. With the passage of time the people of Adnare provide excellence services to various Industries and organizations to the top in IT Industry in Pakistan. They have been working with the well known companies like Xavor Corporation, EssTec, aQuad Consulting. Delivering high-quality projects and software solutions is the first and foremost responsibility of Adnare.

During the evolution of Adnare, it worked with the industries’ leading brands like Hitachi, Nokia, Avis, National Investment Banking Association of America, First Source Inc. and many more that cannot be disclosed. After some time, the team was then rejuvenated in the form of Abdere Technologies Pvt. Ltd. But Abdere Technologies couldn’t meet aims and had to switch its mode of business from product-line to service-line. On the other hand BizSoft Inc. had its marketing teams located all around the world but it was lacking in IT experienced resource. So, it ends up with the merger of Abdere Technologies and BizSoft. CEO of BizSoft was appointed as the new CEO of Adnare Pvt. Ltd. With the vote of majority and Vice President of Abdere Technologies became the President and Chief Operations of Adnare Pvt. Ltd.