Medical Billing

End To End Services for 100% Reimbursement

Medical Billing

Adnare billing services are reliable and will increase your revenue since we put a dedicated billing staff for your effective operations. We offer the services with affordable and customized business models. Our services includes but not limited to following;

Keep off this hassle & let Adnare do all credentialing for you. When we do it you can rest assure that it is done both correctly & in timely fashion!

1. Patient Demographic Entry:

As one erroneous data entry can lead to the rejection of all the claims of a patient so our data entry professionals assure the accuracy of each entry of the patient information resulting in the successful processing of claim.

2. Charge Entry:

Our Medical Billing professionals will create appropriate medical claims/bills according to billing rules pertaining to specific carriers and locations. All medical claims are created within agreed turnaround times.

3. Claims Review Before Submission:

A systematic audit and checking of the completed medical claims is performed at multiple levels before submission. The medical claims are checked for valid and complete information, correct procedure and diagnosis codes and actuality of all other relevant information about the patient since incomplete/incorrect information is one the single most common cause for denial of medical claims.

4. Submission of Claims:

The complete audited claims are submitted to payers electronically/paper (with necessary documentations if required) in a timely fashion.

5. Payment Posting:

Payments are posted by Electronic Remittance Advise/Explanation of Payments with high proficiency & denied claims forwarded to Follow-up Team for further processing. Payments are also reconciled on daily basis to have the actual picture of payments.

6. Accounts Receivables Follow-up:

This involves the aggressive follow up by our professional Medical Billing team in taking the correct action against denial/pending claims for reimbursement. This includes the argumentation/negotiation with insurance representative to get the claims paid in full. Appeals are also processed in a case if a claim goes out of timely filing limit.

7. Effective Communication with Reports:

Work status reports are sent to the client's office on a daily basis. Other weekly, monthly, biannual & annual reports are also compiled to show progress of business. Beside these, a dedicated account manager will be calling you for the following;

  • Daily Routine Queries/Questions
  • Weekly Progress Meeting
  • Monthly Progress Analysis
  • Biannual/Annual Reports