Grow Your Insurance Network, See More Patients


Not far ago, it was only a decade ago when healthcare professionals started thinking about medical credentialing. It is actually the process of getting enrolled in a payer’s preferred provider network. Back in those days, persons didn’t expect every healthcare provider to accept their insurance (some corners of the healthcare industry, like mental health services, weren’t even covered by most insurance plans).

Today, it’s become more important than ever for physicians and healthcare providers of many types (including chiropractors, nurses, psychologists, professional counselors, and many others) to be in network (AKA: “credentialed”) with insurance companies. This is a necessity, in part, because more people in the United States have health insurance than ever before. And it’s a necessity because people today demand that their healthcare providers accept their insurance. Put bluntly, if you’re not in network with a potential patient’s health insurance plan, you’re at risk of losing that potential patient to a competing practice.

We can help you in:

  • Credentialing or re-credentialing with commercial insurances, networks, worker’s compensation and government plans (Medicare and Medicaid).
  • Contracting for commercial insurance, networks, worker’s compensation and government plans
  • Fee negotiation.
  • CAQH Application (new or update).
  • Individual NPI Application (new or update).
  • Group NPI Application (new or update).
  • Processing of State License.
  • Application for DEA, CDS, etc
  • Obtaining of CLIA number.