Connecting your RCM processes


Adnare offers you free billing audit services for your practice.

Do you know when did your practice had check-up last time?

It is always a great idea for a practice to get its Billing checked and audited. It not only discovers the trends that where a practice is losing money but show the quality of work being done by a billing company. Give Adnare the access of your practice for a week time, our medical billing experts will examine the KPI’s of your billing by using their exceptional skills & provide you the feedback highlighting the problematic concerns & presenting the resolution as well.

How Does This WORKS:


Sign a BAA Agreement as per HIPAA compliance guidelines
Once agreement is signed, we would request you to give us the access to the billing system.
Give us 10 working days, We will provide you "Billing Audit Reports"
We would have meeting on "Billing Audit Reports" to see where we can help you and discuss future working.