AR Management

Securing your all recoverable payments

AR Management

This is most challenging and important part of revenue cycle management for the provider. Mostly practices with in-house billing are trapped with this problem as doctor staff has to work with patients, front desk, dealing with medical records and working for limited hours only.

At Adnare, we have developed a three tier step by step process to chop up the AR and get rid of it for permanent basis.

1. Denial Management:

While posting payments from EOB’s/ERA’s; all denials are fixed and proper action is taken using the remark codes guidelines on the EOB’s so this help a lot to minimize the AR as much as possible. Our experts had drawn excellent workflows or denial resolutions.

2. Insurance Follow Up:

The major portion of AR is due to unattended claims which have not been responded by the insurance as well. Our calling staff takes great care of such claims right after the payment cycle of a specific claim. This allows us to find out the actual reason at the right time for faster reimbursement of pending claims.

3. Appeals Management:

The claims with less reimbursement, authorization denials, medical necessity denials and medical record denials etc. are sent to appeals department for making the perfect appeals leaving no chance for insurances to deny reimbursements. So if you are not paid properly and having backlog of aging claims; you need our AR Management Services, Call us today to get these services.